My research is driven by curiosity in materials, their characteristics and applications; how they might be perceived with unforseen intent. 


Increasingly in western economies urban life is dominated by environments identified (by anthropologist Marc Auge) as Non-Places. These are homogenous transitory spaces which are haunted by the Corbusian theory of the city as a 'machine to live in'.  They are familiar in their ubiquity: airports, train stations, shopping complexes, internal routes and streetscapes between glass, concrete and steel buildings. We pass through them on our way from one place to another and for the most part find them utterly familiar in their banality. Paradoxically (for the product of neo - liberalism) they render the individual largely anonymous, except as a unit of consumption.


The physical components of the architecture generate temporal qualities of transparency and reflection. As such the landscape is fragmentary. I am attracted to the changes in surface textures, reflection, and in shadows -  points of connection, intersections of object, event and experience which are encountered daily but largely go unnoticed.   

A Grain of Dirt 2019 -

Facade  (2018)

In Straitened Times (2017)

Marking Memories (2019)