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Artist statement -

My work is underpinned by a curiosity in materials, their characteristics, and applications. I am intrigued how constituents can be transformed by routine or by unconventional use, redeployed, and recontextualised, across different disciplines.

Abstract imagery references the banality of urban spaces identified as ‘non places’ by anthropologist Marc Auge in his essay of the same name. These are homogenous transitory spaces which are haunted by the Corbusian theory of the city as a 'machine to live in'. I am attracted to the changes in surface textures, reflection, and in shadows - points of connection, intersections of object, event and experience which are encountered daily but largely go unnoticed.   


I explore these ideas via commonplace materials such as paper, card, and textiles; ubiquitous in my previous career as a fashion designer. As in fashion, so it is the same in art and architecture; contemporary culture encourages the fetishizing of what are deemed desirable objects and experiences. My work attempts to uncover the humble origins of these to comment on aspiration and social mobility.

A Grain of Dirt 2019 -

Facade  (2018)

In Straitened Times (2017)

Marking Memories (2019)

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