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Jane Pickersgill is based in London - currently working from the Koppel Project Bank studios,  having previously been at their Hive project in Farringdon. She graduated with an MFA (Fine Art) from Wimbledon College of Art (UAL) in 2018.  

Before changing paths to study her masters, Jane pursued a successful career in fashion design,  which she draws upon in her inter disciplinary art practice. She works in the field of expanded drawing using materials which display the interconnected nature of art and fashion - both of which are fetishized in contemporary culture. Her recent series of work : Couture Drawing co-opts processes associated with fashion design, using materials which range from organza to parcel paper, perspex, thread and sculptural card constructions. The imagery evokes super modern architecture which is employed as a metaphor for both global and personal ambition. 

Much of her work is concerned with social mobility and aspiration, characteristics which are manifested in the gentrification of her south London neighbourhood - outward ripples from the financial district just across the river. Her investigations look at characteristics of urban renewal, the allure of city life, its commodification, and the promise of transformation which it poses to a continual influx of newcomers. She herself came to London from a traditional working class community in the north of England. 

Jane participated in the Processions 2018 events commemorating the centenary of women's suffrage. Her grandmother played a formative role in her early upbringing, and was of that first generation of women to be enfranchised. Following on from Processions she has been engaged in an ongoing project Honouring my Grandmother......Whilst Escaping her Legacy. It analyses and celebrates the skills learnt from her grandmother which are being re-contextualised in her practice.  She describes this research as 'digging in the dirt to discover the pearl'. 


MFA Fine Art. Wimbledon College of Art (UAL). 

PTLLS (Preparation to teach in the lifelong learning sector) Lewisham College. 

Dip. Management Studies London South Bank University. 

BA (Hons) Fashion. Northumbria University. 

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