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Work accepted for Venice Vending Machine 2019 - a fringe event of the Venice Biennale 


Classical Fold 20-20

The artwork considers the aspirational promotion of goods, the superfluity of which, marketing companies would have us believe are necessary to lead an outwardly successful lifestyle. As a riposte to consumerism it is made from the cheapest stationery components - textile scraps, paper, card, paperclips and a small length of elastic.   

This work references my former career as a fashion designer. Each season begins or ends with a transition range of garments in black or navy. The designs re-invent wardrobe basics - usually tailored items. In fashion marketing terms they would be referred to as 'classics' or 'must haves'.  The work folds into the traditional  form of a  'sewing kit' similar to that provided in business hotel room 'complementaries'. The 4 folds in the concertina structure represents the seasons and in it fabric swatches are held in place by differing arrangements of paper clips. These are in standard use during the sampling of prototypes and hold the textile swatch to the sketch. The folds, slots and flaps can be manipulated by the viewer who is thus involved in the process of making or remaking the piece. By means of a small base structure it can become freestanding.

Flowers not Flour

This forms part of the my ongoing Honouring my Grandmother.... project (See also A Grain of Dirt). I did not inherit my grandma's talent for making cakes and jam tarts. However, I did like to draw round her baking tools. This piece uses baking parchment, wax paper, paint, elastic, card and thread. The flowers are created using a pastry cutter. When folded out from its cardholder the work forms a series of small 3D flowers. 

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