In Straitened Times - a site specific work for St Pancras Church Crypt, Euston Rd. 

The building is a classical revival style church famous for its north and south porches with caryatids modelled on the Eryctheion -part of the Acropolis. 

Prior to making the piece I had visited Athens for  documenta art fair. I was shocked at the poverty and  neglect in the city. Public services were lacking due to fiscal restraints imposed on Greece by  European banks. 

My piece was an abstracted version of a caryatid. The caryatid is a symbolic motif -  a handmaid subservient to the dead King. She would make offerings on his behalf in the temple dedicated to him.  Architecturally, the caryatid performs the function of a column in Greek classical temples.


My 'column' was suspended in mid air - no longer supporting the roof of the building:  an empty, useless symbol. It was constructed from many metres of limp fabric - with steel rings as support. At its foot was a small offering/begging bowl.