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Constructed Counterpoints

Made for the Koppel Project Residency (2018) in the lower floor of the gallery. Approximate size of install 3 x 2 metres. 

The piece responds to observed interior details of the venue and exterior architectural features of the Farringdon location. 

Using black and white card, tape and pen I had in mind Coco Chanel's quotation "fashion is architecture - it is a matter of proportions". 

Constructing the work I referenced my  knowledge of paper pattern making for fashion, this involves making flat template shapes which (when folded and sewn) create the finished structure in ready to wear fashion. The second method in fashion involves draping or folding upright, on the body, (inherent in haute couture).  This is usually used in making one-off unique pieces. This work was constructed upright on the wall but utilised the materials of the horizontal method. The lighting in the gallery created much of the form.

The installation was temporary, it was ripped up when the show ended. After a clothing production run paper patterns were often destroyed to stop piracy of the design. 

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