Encounters - the nature of materials. A four month long  collaboration (Spring 2018) with Carlos Sebastia deconstructing how and what we see. It resulted in two realised projects : Corners, and Light.

Corners- install images showing  photos 'mounted' as  'constructions'  incorporating several of  the photographed  objects.

The Corner work was installed in a corridor - the opposite environment to its conception. The corridor is a non-place - it involves transit, not shelter. 

The 3D object became a 2D image. The image was then manipulated  into  another 'life' as an object on the wall. This was re-photographed and generated a further image. What is the image and what is the object? 


This project focussed on making and arranging a group of banal objects and transforming them through light and projection.

Images include the installation of a 'life size' print with the photographed objects placed back onto it - which is the object and which the image of the object?