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Encounters - the nature of materials. A  collaboration in Spring 2018 with Carlos Sebastia which aimed to deconstruct how and what we see. It resulted in two realised projects : the Light installation, and a photographic work focussed on Corners.

The work was influenced by The Poetics of Space (Bachelard) : a  philosophical text which ruminates on the spaces we inhabit, and our memories of them. Bachelard was a phenomenologist, holding the view that there is an interplay between the mind and its surroundings. He examines the house as a portal to the imagination, to our dreams of lives we might live if only we could dwell in them. This home, which, in the future, will be better built, brighter, and larger than all those we occupied in the past, will enable us to lead the life of our dreams. It is the embodiment of everything we wish to be or do.


As background, both of us had family members with dementia who were coping with the physical and mental losses this disease entails.


Most of the objects were fabricated by myself, whilst most of the images were taken by Carlos. We collaborated equally on manipulation, installs, and on the selection of final work. All the work shown is copyright Jane Pickersgill & Carlos Sebastia. 


Numbered prints are available ( 3 are shown here) please contact myself or Carlos Sebastia | Artist 


Nature of Materials - Corners was shown as a joint project for our MFA graduation: in addition to both of our individual projects. It was deliberately shown in a corridor - the antithesis of the corner. It was installed to show methodology, and the images were not preciously and protectively hung in frames as in most exhibitions. Instead frame materials were deconstructed as part of the display.

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