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Much of my recent work in monochrome, would lead one to believe that I suffer from 'chromophobia'. In his book Chromophobia published in 2000, David Batchelor says that in Western culture, color has often been treated as corrupting, foreign or superficial. He states that it can be traced back to Aristotle's privileging of line over color.

With a sculptural interest in form and to some extent line too I have rejected colour for several projects. Chroma-city begins to address the deficit: employing it in the same way as water colour creating overlapping washes: utilising transparent materials. The chosen hues are deliberately vivid, a move away from the urban landscape shades of late.  Hi-vis tints echo neon lights and are in part a response to a series of artworks made by my studio sharer Andrea Coltman. They are some of the purest colours on the spectrum and also mirror those colours used in the RGB model - the industry standard for photography, screens and lighting. 

With the exception of Inequality the rest of the works are 'in progress' as collage, and as textile pieces unframed. Dimensions are not supplied as the works are unfinished.  

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