Currently studying for an MFA at Wimbledon School of Art, UAL, Prior to this, I graduated in Fashion and had a successful career as a designer for many high street companies before returning to study, first in printmaking techniques and subsequently painting.








My work is about the urban landscape and the condition of places in flux. In our cities, we are over writing the past at an accelerating pace. It’s possible to see these transformations from two points of view. Is the constant construction an act of re-invention; of creativity, or is it the opposite, damaging; delivering us ever closer to a dystopian future?

The built environment attracts me both physically, from a constructed point of view and, also socially, how the spaces are used, are owned or not, their heirachies.. A further line of questioning involves how these practises change over time.

Investigation of materials and their structural integrity interests me, the working with, and against inherent properties. I am currently exploring absorption or assimilation contrasting with resistance.  This fascination with assembling is a continuation of previous practice working in the field of fashion and textiles. Within a broadened genre of landscape inspired art I now describe my pieces as 'making the place'.






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